Founded in 1989, the Stanford Solar Car Project is an entirely student-run, non-profit organisation fueled by its members' passion for environmentally sustainable technology and hands-on engineering. It provides a unique opportunity for Stanford students to gain valuable engineering and business experience while raising awareness for clean energy.
We were contacted to produce a livery design for their new solar race challenger 'Azimuth' back in 2021.
Using elements and colours synonymous with Stanford University and the State of California, we embarked on the design process creating a variety of different concepts. Using 3D and our virtual studio technology, these concepts were presented to the team with one concept chosen and finalised.
Stanford Solar Car livery design by Chris Warner Design
Once the design was completed, a series of photo-realistic visuals were prepared, the livery files compiled and then sent to the teams chosen vinyl application company.
Following on from the livery design, a full team clothing design collection was created to compliment the new livery.
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