We have been designing racecar liveries for the past 17 years and have worked in a variety of Motorsport series internationally and thus have vast design experience. A livery design is more than just putting your sponsors brand on the side of a car, it is your image as a driver or team, it is how you will be seen when racing and it needs to draw attention to both you and your sponsors.
GCK WorldRX Livery Design
By using a professional livery designer, someone who regularly designs purely for the Motorsport industry, you know that you can get a design that will be effective. Many Vinyl Wrapping companies are used for race liveries, some are great, but some keep it simple and play it safe. This really goes against the grain for a race team...you push to the limits at all times. You image and brand should be no different, starting with your livery.
Not just your race car
GCK Racesuit Design
A livery design is also not just for your race car, it also continues into team trucks, pit garage, helmets and team wear.
Visualised from every angle
Motorsport Livery Design
The majority of our designs are completed and visualised in 3D using our Virtual Studio technology. This way, you see exactly what you are going to get from different camera angles. These 3D renders of the car can also be used on your website and interactive sponsorship presentations.
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