We were contacted by ROOTS Agency, with whom we had worked closely with for many years on the GCK rallycross projects, to produce a livery design, team design and racesuits for the Monster Energy RX Cartel rallycross team in 2020.
Using elements and colours scheme previously used by the RX Cartel team, the livery was updated and tweaked to fit on the two GCK Megane RS RX cars along with the GCK sponsors and the RX Cartel/drivers sponsors positioned and sized.
RX Cartel Andreas Bakkerud livery by Chris Warner Design
RX Cartel Liam Doran livery by Chris Warner Design
Once the design was completed, a series of photo-realistic visuals were prepared, the livery files compiled and then sent to the teams chosen vinyl application company.
Following on from the car design, the service areas boards was designed and visualised for the full team in 3D to ensure accuracy and allow them to evaluate and sign-off on the complete look.
RX Cartel team design by Chris Warner Design
A racesuit design was finally created to compliment the new team look for the season.
RX Cartel racesuits and livery by Chris Warner Design
All photographs © ROOTS, GCK and RX Cartel.
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