Guerlain Chicherit helmet design by Chris Warner Design

Guerlain Chicherit helmet design with inspiration

The Chicherit helmet was styled to match the Fall Guy car livery design that we designed for him on his Toyota Hilux T1+. After some searching we found the helmet design that is going to be used on the upcoming Hollywood Fall Guy film. Using this as inspiration, we added some grunge and wear to the design, his Chicherit Fall Guy logos plus additional chrome effect on the sides.
Alex Winocq helmet design by Chris Warner Design

Alex Winocq helmet design with inspiration

The design for Alex Winocq (Guerlains co-driver) was to be based on Crazy Frog (the Swedidh CGI eurodance character). Once the design was completed, some of the design assets such as the googles and leather helmet were sent to the painters for vinyl preparation.
A final guidance and production PDF guide was created for each helmet with paint references and finish notes..
All the designs were faithfully reproduced by Julien de Miguel at JDM Grafic. A selection of images of the final painted helmets as below.
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