The brief was to create an updated version of a design seen on the iconic truck driven by actor Lee Majors on the 1980's television series The Fall Guy. The original truck was predominantly brown with a gold side stripe and also had his Fall Guy Stuntman Association logo on the bonnet.

The original Fall Guy truck driven in the TV  series

After creating a base version with the brown and gold colour scheme, additional details were added to the gold sides including chrome gold elements and then silver chrome was added to the front grill, sides and 'roll hoop' area to make it more retro in appearance.
The original Fall Guy Stuntman Association logo was recreated and tweaked to read CHICHERIT Stuntman Association and was added to the bonnet and sides.
Several versions of the design were created and a final design concept was worked on until approval was given. The production files were created and sent to the teams vinyl company for application along with a selection of 3D visuals for guidance and a PDF production guide.
The Fall  Guy Toyota Hilux T1+ by Chris Warner Design
Below are a few renders of the completed design on the cars, the new Chicherit Stuntman Association logo and our livery launch video.
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