As has become the norm when working with GC Kompetition, Guerlain Chicherit and the management company Roots, the drive to do something different and to 'Change the Rules' is something that excites us a lot.
For the 2019 cars the brief was to create a design that was an evolution of the successful 2018 designs that we penned but had elements of 'Rat Look' and 'Mad Max' about them. They also had to incorporate the teams suspension partner and sponsor Bilstein's colour scheme.
After several design iterations, developed as usual in a 3D environment, a 50/50 ripped design was decided on, swapping the front and back of each car.
We use the hashtag #ArtInMotion, and this design is certainly 'Art In Motion' as every wrapped panel of the car has had the livery design digitally air-brushed to produce the Rat-Look effect that was required with individual rivets, rust and metal panels added.
We also created an animated livery reveal video from our 3D models.
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