Almost two years had passed since we were commissioned to produce the initial styling concept of a Renault Megane RS RX rallycross car. This was completed in 3D and rendered in our 'virtual studio' for initial marketing and partner acquisition prior to the design, production and build of the cars by the teams technical partner Prodrive. 
Although the styling of the car has altered after input from Renault and the engineering team at Prodrive, the overall aggressive look and stance that we worked on with GCK and the Roots Management team has remained and is still recognisable from our initial concept designs.
After several years of working closely with the Roots Management team, GCK and owner/driver Guerlain Chicherit we designed a livery that reflected the team and Guerlain's DNA. That is to think outside the box and 'Change the Rules'. The livery also encompasses a few features such as the 'shattered ice' running through the design which is nod to team owner Guerlain's background as an ex-professional skier and 4x World Champion freerider.
We wanted the design to be different to the other cars on the World Rallycross grid and not to follow the norm of producing what we call the corporate racing stripe design. The design is been completed using a mix of a matt black base with gloss graphics and logos to make the design pop even more. The exposed metallic elements show a car with a high-tech, tough and aggressive heart.
“The livery of the Megane R.S RX really reflects where we’re trying to go with GCK on this project: Aggressive, daring, exposed and bold,” commented Chicherit. “It will certainly stand out and for all the right reasons! 
For a French team with two French drivers along with the Renault brand, the Place De La Concorde could not have been a better location for the launch. With a crowd gathering, the two drivers pulled the covers back to unveil the car to the media and invited guests.

The livery being unveiled by drivers Guerlain Chicherit and Jerome Grosset-Janin

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