RestoMod Design Commissions

exterior styling- interior styling - bespoke designs

The RestoMod is a fairly recent phenomenon in the car world. These cars mix the original or modified classic styling with modern comfort, performance and reliability to create the best of both worlds.

Classic cars are great to look at and admire, but more often then not, are relatively awful dynamically. Usually the cars we are asked to work on need a large amount of restoration and are being saved from the scrapyards.
We think of ourselves as a classic or cherished car recycling service. Sometimes these car are modernised externally, have major interior restyling and have modern engines and electronic retro-fitted such as later marque powerplants or possibly electric power.

Do you want to know more?

We have created a specific micro-site for our RestoMod work. This site can be visited from the following link ( 
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