The entire bodywork was modelled in 3D by us from CAD and point-cloud data of the base Renault Clio RS. It was designed to follow the styling concept of our 2018 Renault Megane RSRX project but with elements of the Classic Renault 5 Maxi Turbo rallycar, made famous by legendary driver Jean Ragnotti, added to the mix. The result is probably one of the most striking Renault Clio's produced and should be a monster when paired with its estimated 600bhp, 4-wheel drive rallycross platform.
The car will be built by FORS Performance for the new G-FORS Rallycross team with Guerlain Chicherit and will be seen on track in 2018 in the EuroRX Championship and other rallycross championships.
All the bodywork was designed to FIA World RX championship regulations with the data exported ready for composite production after additional modelling of the mechanical fixing points required by FORS.
We worked concurrently with FORS on this project. Whilst we designed and styled the bodywork, FORS engineered and designed the chassis, suspension, engine and cooling systems with CAD data being shared electronically to ensure that all parties were working with up-to-date data. During the complete design process, the car was continually rendered in our '3D Virtual Studio' as shown.
We look forward to the first test and to see the car in anger during the 2018 rallycross championship season.
About the Team
Guerlain Chicherit joined forces with FORS PERFORMANCE owner Stéphane Orre to create a new G-FORS rallycross team, which will build and run Renault Clio R.S. RX Supercars with the aim of furthering young drivers and to create a stepping stone into World RX. G-FORS will run the Clios in the French, European and selected World Rallycross Championship events and will be managed by experienced rallycross team manager, Finland’s Atte Varsta.
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