The commission had a few different elements to it. Firstly using the supplied branding guidelines, a livery was to be created that worked across numerous different car models. Secondly, a race suit design for the instructors and lastly a race helmet design for the  company founder and owner.
The livery design was to be created on initially these four cars; Audi TTCR, Mazda MX5 Mk1, Mini R56 and a Ginetta G40. All these cars had race pedigrees and so it was decided to created a race inspired team livery for all four cars.
All our livery designs are created in 3D for maximum accuracy and enhanced visualisation of the final design and thus all the cars were firstly prepped in our professional software package to 1:1 scale.
3D models ready for livery application - Chris Warner Design
After several versions were created a final design concept was worked on until approval was given. Finally the vinyl production files were created and sent to the company for application along with a selection of visuals and a PDF production guide.
Livery designs and visuals by Chris Warner Design
After the completion of the liveries, a racesuit was designed and developed along with the helmet design for James. Both designs incorporated requested elements such as the Carnyx along with the JMSOS branding. 
Below are a few media shots taken by the company of the completed designs on the cars that highlights the accuracy of the design process. The results speak for themselves.
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