The D-GT’s classic, yet powerful shape and beautiful proportions, define this cars sporting credentials. In a nod to the marques past, the shape is a modern interpretation of the Le Mans winning D-Type from the 1950’s. Not that this car drives like a classic car. With modern suspension, 8-speed double-clutch paddle-shift gearbox driven by a supercharged V8 engine, the D-GT is a thoroughly modern high-performance sports car. 
The cockpit is divided by a central roof spar that harks back to the split cockpits of the 1950’s racers, with the addition of removable glass panels for open-air driving. 

The rear of the D-GT has striking twin tail fins that mimic the shape of the single tailed Le Mans D-Type. These twin tails aid straight line stabilty, whilst downforce has been added at the rear with a small centralised spoiler between the fins and rear diffuser. 

In essence, the Jaguar D-GT is a high-performance sports car with head-turning classic style.
This is an in-house design study and is not affiliated with Jaguar cars
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