Cheetah-E Catamaran boat design by Chris Warner Design
This new Cheetah-E boat was to be based on the companies existing catamaran hull and upper structure but using electric outboard motors, underfloor battery compartments and an array of solar panels mounted on an extended roof.
We were able to to import a 3D scan of the existing hull and cabin section that was provided. This data required cleaning up and re-surfacing in areas for use in our 3D software package.
Working remotely from the company owners and project team, we then began to produce the new design in a short timeframe and try different iterations of the roof, screen and rear layout until a final design was decided upon.
Cheetah-E Catamaran boat design by Chris Warner Design
The early designs were shared during the process using a combination of screenshots at the beginning of the process and later on, high-quality, photo-realistic renders as we approached the final design when materials, lighting and a marine environment were added to help the team visualise their final boat design.
Cheetah-E Catamaran boat design by Chris Warner Design
As the boat was designed at 1:1 scale it enabled us to design and optimise the rear deck layout for the maximum number of seats, whilst maintaining gangway clearance and battery hatch access. 
In addition to the final photo-realistic visuals of the new design, a 360deg rotating video was created from the 3D model to help potential clients visualise the layout and features during the pre-sales process.
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