This is a collection of automotive art by Chris Warner focusing on the striking colours and forms of modern and classic sports and racing cars.

Each piece is the result of over 100 hours of careful and accurate 3D modelling work to ensure that the form, detail and scale of each car is recreated as per the original vehicle. After modelling, each car is rendered in a 'Virtual Studio' with light sources and camera settings.

The result of this work is the iconic shapes that we see from these cars, reproduced in a way that creates beautiful imagery that doesn't look out of place in lounges or offices. Car enthusiasts love these prints as well as self-confessed non-car people who enjoy the art form of these automotive icons.
These prints range from Modern and Classic cars to Iconic Motorsport cars. We also can create one-offs for car owners and limited-run commissions for motorsport teams. 
These Automotive Artworks are available to buy online at:
Automotive Art - the making of

Automotive Art - Information and specifications

When the car of choice has been selected, many hours are then taken sourcing and studying photographs and blueprints in order to replicate the details on the car from body panels curves down to bolts and rivets. By doing this, an exact and scaled 3D replica is produced. Some of the prints are produced of a specific chassis numbered car and thus take up much more time to find all the correct details.
Automotive Art - 3D Model Creation

Automotive Art - 3D Model Creation

Once all the photographic data has been compiled and studied, the creation of the 3D can begin. Using high-end professional software the cars are recreated using the blueprints and photos as a guide as well as measurements. On average, in excess of 140 hours are needed in order to faithfully recreate each vehicle at 1:1 scale.

Automotive Art - Textures, Decals and Paint

Once the model has been created the materials are selected for each vehicle such as paint colour and specification, the application of decals and badges and the addition of textures to the paint and metals.

Automotive Art - Test Renders and Tweaks

During this stage test renders are carried out in our 'studio' using virtual lighting and reflections to ensure that the bodywork is flawless and the colour and textures are all correct. Modifications are made to the model and associated files at this stage.

Automotive Art - Virtual Photographic Studio Rendering

The 3D car is then placed in to the 'virtual photographic studio' with all the correct lighting for the final desired effects along with the camera set-up for the high-quality professional rendering. A final computer render can take anything up to 1.5 days of computer calculations.

Automotive Art - Image Analysis and Finalising

When the render has been completed, professional design software is used to analyse and alter the image to ensure a professional quality and prepare it for print.
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