Our overall feel and the starting point for the concept was the look of a sci-fi battle-scared fighter pilots helmet showing damage and dirt with the front facing areas wearing through to the base GC signature orange.
The base colour of the helmet is a silver/blue metallic with Guerlain's signature orange added to the chin and upper areas. The 'mad dog' jaws that featured on the 2018 design were made to look like metal and the robot pirate was added to the rear but this time looking like it had been forced out of the back. Additional metal plates and fixings from the car design were added along with bullet holes and cracks to the rear. The whole helmet was then treated to an airbrushed grunge with rust and dirt seeping out from under the metal plates, vents and visor area.
The finalised design was then airbrushed on to the prepared helmet by Petr of SLIM GRAFIX in Prague who did an awesome job of replicating this complicated design so accurately.
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