The project brief was to design a modified and updated classic Porsche without resorting to bolt on arch extensions and spoilers that end up making the car look like a race car. The whole car was reproduced in 3D as shown in the imagery so that the complete concept could be visualised from multiple views and modified until the desired look was achieved. Paint colours could be experimented with and the material selections and design of the interior could be chosen.
The bespoke front and rear bumpers were designed to mimic, yet smooth off, the original designs and modified to match the now widened front and rear fenders. These flexible carbon-composite fenders cover the specified 20inch Porsche rims. Deepened and re-profiled sills have been added to enhance the side-profile along with carbon-composite bonnet and engine cover for lightness. The car will be painted in a unique metallic blue/grey paint colour. 
Other changes to the appearance are upgraded lighting with clear lenses, updating the headlights to hi-power projector types and the re-manufacturing of the original wing mirrors and body trim parts in carbon-fibre.
One of the decisions on this project was how to enhance the aero of this early Porsche without resorting to adding additional spoilers. Utilising our motorsport experience we have added a subtle carbon front splitter underneath the newly designed bumper and at the rear a diffuser has been designed for additional rear downforce.
It was not just the exterior of the car that has had a makeover, the interior has had some special and personal touches made. The dashboard will be remanufactured with better ventilation and re-trimmed in soft-touch grey leather with the same grey leather used on the upper door cards and pockets. The main dashboard facia will be sprayed in the unique paint colour chosen for the exterior and the modern Porsche steering wheel with have accents in the same colour whilst the rim will be covered in black alcantara. The later Porsche seats will again be trimmed in the grey leather, with cloth inserts and a central trim line in body colour. The rear seats have been removed and replaced with a bespoke lockable storage trunk with the same trim as the seats.
One of the most exciting changes to the interior is the replacement of the instruments with bespoke high-definition LCD dials that mimic the Porsche ones. These can be reconfigured or re-programmed to display differently in the future. The instrument layout is the same as the original and sit in the instrument binnacle behind body coloured bezels.
Engineering modifications to the car will include uprated brakes and multi-link suspension and a late spec air-cooled engine pushing out an estimated 280-300bhp.

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